Kitchen Makers offers three bespoke handmade kitchen designs based on contemporary reinterpretations of the classic Shaker style of luxury kitchen. Somerton, Haddon and Alderley are all born out of our understanding of the challenges of modern family living and balance the practical needs of the family with intelligent storage solutions offering sizing, colour and accessory options. Each range has it's own distinctive characteristics, yet all are united by their luxury handmade credentials borne out of the same fine Burbidge ancestry.


The Alderley is an imaginative blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair. The design draws on our wood-crafting heritage of making luxury handmade kitchens in a choice of 16 carefully selected paint finishes. An authentic in-frame style the Alderley provides a pleasing sense of balance of authentic detailing and robust and premium quality.

Alderley in Painted Bone
Haddon bespoke kitchens


The wood that we use in our kitchens is carefully selected with strength, sustainability and superb finish in mind. Let the simple and fine shaker lines of the Haddon do the talking to let the beauty of this premium wood shine through. Delivering a timeless kitchen that is perfectly at home in both traditional and contemporary settings.


In many ways the Somerton is the grown-up of the trio, thoughtfully designed and detailed to create a beautiful, high performance finish that will be admired for many, many years to come. This design is elegant and considered yet can be soon super-sized into a more stylised look. Perfect for a vintage basement, apartment gallery or neo-barn setting.

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